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Empowering Independence in Financial Sales

An Independent Contractor Preferred Partnership is a business relationship where a Sales Finance Group develops a specialized program for independent contractors who work closely with them but are not formal employees of the company. This kind of partnership is designed to establish a more committed and beneficial relationship between the company and its independent contractors than what would be typical with ad hoc or one-off engagements. Key aspects of an Independent Contractor Preferred Partnership with Sales Finance Group:

  • Incentives: Contractors may be offered various incentives, such as higher rates for their services, volume-based bonuses, or financial rewards for meeting certain performance benchmarks.
  • Support: The company might provide additional support to the independent contractor, which could range from administrative assistance to access to exclusive resources or tools that can help the contractor perform their work more efficiently.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Contractors in a preferred partnership may be given the first option on new projects, last-minute needs, or high-profile jobs that are in high demand, which ensures a steady stream of work.
  • Flexibility: While maintaining their independence, contractors in preferred partnerships often enjoy greater flexibility in choosing assignments or negotiating terms that align with their availability and interests.
  • Training and Development: Sales Finance Group offers training for professional development opportunities to help contractors increase their skills, which can be beneficial to both parties.
  • Long-term Relationship: Both the company and the contractor generally view this type of partnership as a long-term relationship with mutual benefits, where investment in each other’s success is a shared priority.
  • Streamlined Processes: Sales Finance Group streamlines administrative processes, such as billing and payment, to make it easier and faster for preferred partners to get paid.
  • Communication: There is often a more open and ongoing line of communication between the contractor and the company, which can include regular meetings or updates to ensure clear expectations and shared goals.

By engaging in a Preferred Partnership, independent contractors are recognized for their value to the organization, and both parties work towards creating a synergistic relationship that enhances performance and outcomes.

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