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We Are The Experts

With your needs in mind, we created our innovative & efficacious platform. It easily connects merchants with a custom waterfall of lenders perfect for your business model. We at Finance , and our lender partners understand your needs.

We are a dedicated community of business owners and lenders. We believe that Merchant and Client friendly Consumer Financing programs used correctly; can rapidly grow revenue in any business with high ticket products, services or procedures.

We Make Financing Your Customers & Worry-Free

When a merchant works with Sales Finance Group they will experience sales and cash flow growth by utilizing our Expert Consultation & Coaching, Eager To Help Lenders and their customized financing programs

If needed, you will learn how to integrate financing best practices into the sales process. Sales Finance Group live human customer service and easy to use technology insures you will be onboarded with ease.

Sales Finance Group offers a multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) financing solution that empowers businesses ranging from traditional storefronts to niche service operators. By incorporating our dynamic financing services into their checkout process, businesses can convert casual shoppers into purchasers, granting them the convenience of buying instantly and paying over time.

Begin Your Growth Story Today  Point-of-Sale Financing

Here’s how the process unfolds with Sales Finance Group

At the time of purchase, the retailer or service provider initiates a financing application via Sales Finance Group’s platform for their client.

Request for funds across our handpicked network of lending affiliates

One of the lenders may agree to the request, presenting the consumer with a loan, a credit extension, or another flexible financing method.
After approval, the commercial enterprise receives the sum directly in their bank account, typically within a short span of three to five business days.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Sales Finance Group

Merchants choose our POS financing solutions for a host of compelling reasons:

Easy Access

Our platform is designed for effortless user interaction and offers straightforward integration capabilities.

Activation Simplicity and Security

For verified merchants, getting started is as simple as a single click with our cloud-powered financing system.

Ongoing Evolution and Support

Our commitment to improvement includes regular updates to our analytics, user interfaces, and lending toolkit. We also provide reliable technical support available anytime you need it.

Direct Funding

Merchants receive payments directly, avoiding the uncertainty of customer installments, with funds transferred within an impressively prompt two-to-three-day timeframe.

Strengthen Customer Connections with Sales Finance Group’s Comprehensive Platform Embrace Growth The Competitve Advantage with Sales Finance Group

For Retailers: Adopting our POS financing solution can drive significant improvements in a retailer’s metrics—increasing sales turnover, expanding the customer base, lifting the average transaction value, and ensuring higher levels of customer loyalty. By offering a simple, accessible financing option at the moment of purchase, businesses can achieve an edge in today’s competitive market. Utilize Sales Finance Group’s point-of-sale financing platforms to captivate more customers and escalate your business success.

Additional Services That Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates

Pre-Scoring Of Member Leads Associate's Leads

Imagine, before your initial meeting with your customer client or patient, your staff can pre-qualify them for credit. Your staff would know exact path to take to help grow your business or practice.

Offer ACH And Credit Card Processing With Competitive Rates And Commissions.

One stop financing. Get the best consumer financing and the best rates for CC processing. As they say bundle and save! Same great customer service for all!

POS Loan Originations For Merchants Who Wish To Self-Fund Integrated Into The Waterfall.

For those entrepreneurial businesses who wish to self-fund clients within your portal we will have a simple and easy option coming soon.

Offer Business Capital, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Accounting, CRM, Business Coaching.

The accumulated business acumen at Finance exceeds just POS consumer financing. We have experts on staff for all aspects of business operations, sales and marketing. We can help you build, grow or scale.

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